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Ways to repair broken teeth


Broken teeth can be repaired by an emergency dentist.

A broken or chipped tooth can be extremely painful, but people have been advised there are a number of ways to fix this problem. broken teeth

WorlDental reported anyone afflicted with this problem has been advised not to panic and instead to wash their mouth with warm water and to try to stop any bleeding – while remembering to keep hold of any bits of tooth that have fallen out.

Individuals should then contact an emergency dentist who in many cases can repair the tooth if it is not significantly fractured. If this is the case, then the dentist can carry out an extraction and replace the missing tooth with a dental implant or a bridge.

Elsewhere, research carried out by George Huang, the Herbert Schilder chair in endodontics and director of the postdoctoral programme in endodontics at the School of Dental Medicine, recently highlighted a new technique that could be used to re-grow broken or decayed teeth.

The procedure works by extracting living stem cells and using them to create any missing structures within a mature tooth.

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