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X-Factor’s James Arthur buys his mum new teeth


James Arthur has not been having a bad year after winning the last series of talent show The X-Factor, and now he’s decided to thank his mum for her support by giving her £8,000 worth of cosmetic dentistry, as a gift for mother’s day. According to a source close to the singer, James has been keen to get his teeth fixed since winning the show, but didn’t have the time when Tracey Bell Clinic in Liverpool offered him free treatment; so he passed on the generous offer to his mother.

James’ mum Shirley has always been self-conscious about her teeth and a source said that ‘whenever Shirley was filmed or pictured during The X-Factor she was always conscious about showing her teeth as they were in a very poor state.’ They continued ‘James asked whether it was possible to pass on the freebie to his mum as he knows how much it would mean to her and would be the ultimate Mother’s Day present.’

The 25-year-old even managed to arrange for the £8,000 dentures to be fitted early so that his mum could accompany him to the Brit awards, without having to worry about smiling for the photographers. The source also added that James is still going to get his teeth fixed when he gets chances and that the Liverpool dentist has suggested clear braces instead of veneers ‘because they change the way your mouth moves which could affect his singing voice.’

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