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Rylan Clark thinks his teeth are more famous than him


After he revealed his new dental work to the Big Brother audience last month, presenter Rylan Clark has commented that his teeth are becoming more famous than him, as they have been trending on Twitter recently. The blindingly white veneers gained so much attention that many viewers were distracted by them while watching the Big Brother spin-off show Bit On The Side.

Viewers and Twitter followers were quick to comment on the obvious changes, but Rylan did not seem too perturbed by public opinion, and now he is thrilled that his teeth have become a popular topic of conversation – mainly because it has drawn attention away from his presenting debut. The 24-year-old told new! magazine that his teeth were trending on Twitter for four hours after his first night presenting the show, and added ‘the best thing was that people were so worried about my teeth, not one person said I’m a s*** presenter, so I’m over the moon.’

Despite the new dental work, Rylan has admitted that he is still not happy with the way he looks and often becomes depressed over his appearance. He added ‘I’m going to be brutally honest, I’ve never been so depressed in my life. I don’t like the way I look. I’m not happy with a lot of stuff at the moment. I just look at myself and think ‘I’m not attractive,’ that’s why I’m changing everything now.’

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