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Made in Chelsea beats TOWIE for best dental work


They might both be reality TV regulars but Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead and Joey Essex could not be more different when it comes to dental health; the two have opted for dental treatment at opposite ends of the spectrum. Binky, who is a regular on Made in Chelsea, has a much more natural smile than her TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) counterpart Joey, who went for a bright white set of teeth that are hard to miss.

Dr Druian, of Mervyn Druian’s London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, treated Binky recently when she chipped her front tooth and he spoke to The Daily Mail about his views on veneers, saying that he prefers the natural look compared to the favoured ‘Essex’ veneers that are obviously fake. Dr Druian said that the people on TOWIE tend to choose teeth that mirror their ‘bigger, more brash personalities’, which means having ‘the whitest teeth possible.’

With regards to his own patients, Dr Druian said that he would never let a patient leave his clinic ‘looking foolish’ and added that the surgery has turned people away who want veneers for the wrong reasons. When it comes to appearances, Dr Druian says that natural is best; he explains that his ‘perfect veneers’ look just like the real thing and cannot be identified as synthetic just by looking. He added that ‘I want my patients to be told they look really well. I don’t want them to be asked what work they’ve had done.’

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