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LeAnn Rimes sues her dentist claiming he has ruined her career


Overlooking the drama that is a consistent feature in her personal life, country singer LeAnn Rimes has controversially decided to blame a recent career slump on her dentist and the work she has had done to improve her teeth. According to documents obtained by gossip site TMZ, the 30-year-old visited Dr Duane C McKay several times in a three year period to get upper front veneers and crowns in an effort to ease jaw pain and make her teeth more even. However, the legal papers state that Rimes was left in terrible pain and struggled to continue with her day job as a result of the dental work.

The singer also claims that much of the treatment was painful and lengthy, including nine root canal fillings, a bone grafting procedure, a temporary bridge, and physical therapy. The lawsuit claims that Rimes will have a ‘permanent cosmetic deficiency’ as a result of Dr McKay’s efforts and the pain has prevented her from performing live, which she says has seriously affected her working life. The country star is seeking unspecified damages for physical, psychiatric, and emotional injuries, as well as loss of earnings, both past and future.

Rimes has often taken to her Twitter account to complain to fans about her dental problems, saying at one point that the work was ‘Nothing major just annoying’ and adding later ‘Pain pain go away!!!!!! When it’s mouth pain and jaw pain it makes your whole head pound!’

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