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Jeremy Kyle guest gets £10,000 of dental treatment


A woman who garnered a lot of attention on social media site Twitter for her unique dental condition has reportedly been given dental work amounting to £10,000 thanks to The Jeremy Kyle Show, the TV programme that exposed her to a lot of cruel taunts about her teeth.  The woman in question told papers that she suffered dental trauma when she was younger and could do nothing about the way her teeth looked, but producers of the ITV show have supposedly stepped in to help after Twitter went wild with jokes and comments about the guest’s appearance.

A source at Mirror Online has said that a camera crew visited the woman at her home and the whole treatment was filmed, with the patient remaining awake throughout. According to the insider, the guest will reappear on The Jeremy Kyle Show later in the week, to show off the results of her free treatment.

A picture has also been posted online supposedly showing the woman after her dental work has been completed – the difference is clear to see; her front two teeth are no longer protruding from her mouth and they do not look noticeably larger than her other teeth any more.

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