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Jeremy Kyle guest causes Twitter storm with her teeth


A guest on daily chat show The Jeremy Kyle Show has set Twitter alight simply for appearing on the programme and displaying her rather unusual dental condition. In a segment entitled ‘Stop harassing me just because I’m sleeping with your ex’ the young woman attracted a lot of attention for her prominent front teeth and Twitter users were quickly on the social networking site to discuss it.

Rather than talking about her situation, commenters were concentrating on her large teeth and The Mirror reported that Twitter had all but gone ‘into meltdown’ following the airing of the Jeremy Kyle episode. In what could be seen as an outpouring of cyberbullying, posters referred to the young lady in question as ‘Bugs Bunny’ and joked that she was causing some viewers to be put off their breakfast.

One user commented that ‘Jeremy Kyle needs to stop wasting money on lie detectors and invest in getting a dentist for the show’, whilst another cruelly joked ‘surprised Jeremy Kyle ain’t got Colgate as their sponsor yet.’ The guest later explained that she had suffered a childhood accident that meant her teeth were badly damaged but that didn’t stop people voicing their opinions about her appearance in a less than sympathetic way.

In a strange twist, Geordie Shore’s Gary Beadle also got involved after someone posted a picture of the guest and added that she had tweeted the reality regular in the past. The Geordie Shore star laughed off the post, saying ‘No way!’

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