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James Arthur adjusts to new fixed braces


When he won the talent show X-Factor last year one of the first things James Arthur said he would do with his pay cheque would be to fix his teeth, although his crooked smile didn’t stop him being crowned X-Factor champion, he said that he had always wanted to have nicer teeth and new found fame would help him achieve that goal. However, the 25-year-old singer has since found out that adjusting to orthodontic braces is no easy task.

James explained that the train tracks could occasionally affect his love life as the metal wires have cut his mouth and made kissing uncomfortable. He described one occasion where he was kissing a girl and his braces got in the way; ‘I was kissing a girl and had a little cut on my mouth and it kept getting caught. It wasn’t comfortable. So I had to stop kissing her.’

Although he might have some problems with them, James has found that there are some benefits to having fixed braces, including an improvement in his voice; he said ‘if anything they have made my singing better because I’m more focused on my diction.’ He went on to say that he could not wait until December when the braces are due to come off, then ‘have a bit of work done, and then have teeth that I’m happy with.’ 

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