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Hilary Duff supports Smiles Across America


American singer Hilary Duff attended an event with New York school children to support the oral health initiative ‘Smiles Across America’ as it reached its ten year anniversary this week. The 26-year-old entertainer spent time with the kids at the Trident and Oral Health America sponsored event and tweeted about her outing later on.

Looking stylish in skinny jeans and bright red lipstick, the mother-of-one posted that she was ‘having the best time’ at the event and added the tags #healthysmiles and #sponsored.

Later, in an interview with Wonderwall, Hilary talked about how she was teaching her son Luca to brush his teeth properly and said that she sometimes has trouble if the two-year-old is ‘just in a mood or something like that.’ The singer said that she tries to make the task more interesting, explaining that ‘we try to make it fun and challenging, like sometimes we’ll be like, ‘I bet you can’t stand on one foot and brush your teeth’ or we’ll sing songs, and sometimes we’ll even get the kitchen timer out and do that. I just try to be creative and make it a positive thing.’

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