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Former child star asks fans to help fund her dental treatment


A former child pop star has taken to social media to ask fans and followers to help her pay for further dental work, after she realised she was low on funds. Debra Byrne, a former child actor and singer on Young Talent  Time, posted a request for funding as she needs to return to Thailand to complete dental work on a bridge.

Although the post has since been deleted, Debra, 58, initially asked her Facebook friends if they would help raise some money for her to travel back to Thailand in order to finish her treatment. Using the hashtag #paybackalegend, Debra posted ‘Challenge friends… need to return to Bangkok to have bridge work finalised.’ The singers dental treatment began prior to her recent work on a TV show and she added that due to ‘limited time’ she was unable to finish the treatment and undergo a root canal.

As well as paying for her to travel, the actress was asking for money for her three children to accompany her, saying ‘I can manage the accom side of things… but it’s the flight guys… it’s killing me… so if anyone is up for the challenge I need flights for two adults… and two children… flying from Melbourne to Phuket, June 2.’

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