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David Arquette shows off new dental bling


Actor David Arquette is known for his quirky style and he has now set his sights on a blinging smile; the 43-year-old was pictured in West Hollywood this week with brand new front teeth made from gold.

The gold crowns are only temporary after the father-of-two suffered repeated dental injuries to his natural teeth and had to undergo treatment. David explained that he was ‘breaking’ and ‘cracking’ his real teeth and said ‘I go through them [teeth] like crazy.’ After seeking dental treatment, the actor explained that he asked the dentist how to solve this problem; he was told ‘Well, we can put gold on for a little while’ and he decided to go for it.

Explaining his decision, David said that he thought ‘Boom! Are you kidding?’ before going ahead with the treatment. Not only are his new golden teeth fairly noticeable, David’s denture is also customised with his own initials. He joked ‘You gotta personalise it, hip-hop style.’

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