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Coventry woman finally gets her teeth fixed using inheritance


A young woman from Coventry who spent her life feeling ashamed of her teeth has finally found her smile after her father left her some money in his will. Kirsty Roberts-Millman described her teeth as ‘horrendous’ because of misalignments and a bite problem; following fifteen months of treatment with braces, the 27-year-old now has her picture in the National Portrait Gallery.

Kirsty never knew her father and found out in 2009 that he had been killed in a car accident. After some deliberation, she decided to spend money left to her by her father on fixing her teeth – something she had wanted to do for many years. Kirsty reflects on the condition of her teeth growing up, saying ‘I never really felt happy with them but I had quite a lot going on because I was quite an ill child and didn’t like the thought of wearing braces. I was always conscious of them. They were horrendous and they were crooked.’

After starting treatment in 2012 at Marlborough Road Dental Practice it took around 15 months of wearing removable Invisalign braces to see a dramatic improvement. Kirsty added that the treatment has really improved her confidence and she says ‘I’m extremely happy with the result. It’s even more special to know it’s all because of my dad, even though I didn’t know him.’

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