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Could ‘spray-on teeth’ be the answer to enamel repair?


A new development by scientists at King’s College London and Imperial College London could help rebuild teeth that have suffered severe enamel damage; ‘spray-on teeth’ contains calcium that can repair deterioration affecting the hard outer shell of the teeth, covering up any exposed dentin beneath it and making the teeth stronger overall.

Wear and tear or on-going consumption of acidic beverages can lead to enamel erosion, which can make the teeth sensitive and painful; the research is aimed at solving this problem and strengthening the enamel to get rid of sensitivity. According to the scientists who are developing the spray, it contains a type of calcium that can block the tiny tubes in the dentin layer – which expose the inner pulp to outside temperatures. To use, the spray is held a few millimetres from the teeth and compressed so that it projects a dry powder that builds up the dentin and protects the tooth. As well as rebuilding the enamel, the powder contains a mild abrasive so dental stains should also be reduced.

Researchers are hoping that the product could also be useful with orthopaedic surgery to encourage regeneration of damaged bones.

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