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Consumers are unsure what constitutes a healthy snack


Research carried out in Ireland has revealed that a worrying number of people are not sure what sort of snack is really bad for their teeth; most of those asked were found to be unaware that cheese constitutes a healthy snack. Constant snacking on the wrong food and drinks can cause long term damage to teeth if they are not given enough time to recover from acid attacks.

The survey was carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation and involved questioning more than 2,000 members of the public. Chief executive Dr Nigel Carter said that most people were aware of what affect food and drink has on their body, but don’t know that ‘diet also plays a vital role in oral health.’ He added ‘Frequent consumption of sugary foods and drinks naturally weakens the enamel on the teeth.’

Dr Carter offered some advice to consumers on how to improve their dental health, with regards to snacking; ‘If people do snack between meals, choose foods and drinks that do not contain sugar, limiting the amount of time the mouth is at risk.’ He also said that chewing on sugar-free gum after meals could be good for teeth, although almost half of those asked did not realise this – the action of chewing will help saliva to cancel out the acid that has been generated during the meal.

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