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Cat Deeley sinks her teeth into cameo TV role


She is a familiar face on UK TV but now Cat Deeley has made her acting debut on American television with a cameo in sitcom The Exes; although she might be slightly less recognisable with a set of unsightly false teeth. The British TV presenter, 36, has made a guest appearance in the show playing an online date for one of the regular characters.

In a sneak preview of the episode, Cat can be seen showing off the crooked, brown teeth as she filmed the scenes where her character’s dental problems are revealed for the first time – later on in the show, she appears with her natural perfect teeth as the character has undergone a noticeable transformation. The TV presenter was said to have spent hours wearing the ugly false teeth in order to get used to them and she had to practice speaking with them so she could say her lines.

Co-star David Alan Basche spoke kindly about Cat’s efforts on-screen, particularly with the large false teeth making it hard to speak; he said that ‘It was difficult but she was a trooper!’

As if to prove that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, Cat even posted a close-up picture of the teeth on her Facebook page, with the caption ‘For those that missed them in all their glory…’

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