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Brooke Shields is back at the dentist for more treatment


Actress Brooke Shields regularly updates her fans on her day-to-day activities and recently she has been spending a lot of time at the dentist’s surgery after she has developed a problem with grinding her teeth. This week, the 49-year-old was back in the dentist’s chair and added more pictures of herself wearing a cheek retractor and a mask to apply laughing gas or dental sedation.

Brooke posted another picture of herself wearing a nitrous oxide mask before her treatment began, and added the caption ‘More dental surgery! I grind my teeth! Damn!’ The selfie was an extreme close-up of the actresses face, showing her modelling the anaesthetic mask and pouting for the camera. Her teeth may have to be repaired after damage from tooth grinding – known in the dental trade as bruxism; this is a condition that tends to be related to stress and many people who suffer with bruxism will grind their teeth at night, making it difficult to treat.

The mother-of-two joked around with followers on Instagram in January, posting a picture of herself wearing a cheek retractor and a bib around her chin; she added the caption ‘My new head shot taken at the dentist!!!!!!’.

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