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Big brands vow to cut sugar in anticipation of proposed tax


Draft legislation for the proposed sugar tax was published recently, in an attempt to tackle tooth decay, obesity, diabetes and other serious conditions. For dentists, GP’s and other health professionals this is a step in the right direction, suggesting positive movements towards change. However, for the big drinks companies this spells taxation, inconvenience and potential loss of profits.

Following the proposed tax, Tesco quickly responded by reformulating their own branded soft drinks to fall below the levy exemption limit. Any products containing more than the stated five milligrams of sugar per one hundred millilitres will be subject to the government tax. It is hoped that the legislation will be approved in parliament next year and put into practice in April 2018. Other big brands, such as Ribena and Lucozade, are set to follow suit, with plans in place to cut sugar levels by up to fifty percent to avoid taxation.

According to the Telegraph, figures estimate that consumption is at a high amongst teenagers, with a whopping 27 percent of their added sugar coming from fizzy drinks. Although all ages consume added sugar, it seems that this group is most at risk from developing related health problems such as diabetes and tooth decay.




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