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A dental clinic in the north of England has produced its own version of The Magnificent Seven


That was the number of nurses who successfully completed a 20-week course run by tutor Colette Meek – who just happens to have been responsible for dental nurse training at the clinic for the past seven years.

No wonder the nurses were in a seventh heaven as they picked up their Dental Sedation Nursing and Oral Health certificates.

The course, which was held at the clinic’s own Education Centre, was split into two. The nurses had to take a written as well as an oral exam, which included a series of practical and theory tests in both classroom and surgery environments, as well as submitting their completed portfolio.

Colette was naturally all smiles as she praised the nurses’ success and was delighted that they had all consequently increased their knowledge by a significant degree. She stressed how important it was that all dental nurses should have the opportunity to expand their basic training to enable them to give their dentist the support required in terms of sedation skills, oral health and radiography.

She went on to emphasise the fact that dental education was very high up on the agenda, not only for members of the nursing staff at her own clinic, but in practices across the region.

One of the successful nurses was quick to acknowledge that the course, which she had enjoyed doing, would be beneficial to her in quite a number of ways, and, having gained the extra qualification, she was now looking forward to running sessions to educate patients about good oral health, which was so important.

She added that this might not have been possible had it not been for the purpose-built oral health room which has recently opened at the clinic.

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