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67% of people would be put off dating someone if they had bad teeth


Although most people do not add ‘must have good teeth’ to their preferences for online dates, a new study has revealed that the vast majority of daters would be put off if they met someone for the first time and they had a ‘bad’ set of teeth.

According to a website survey, a massive 67% of people on the dating scene would decline a second date with someone who had bad teeth – with 76% of women agreeing that stained or crooked teeth were a deal breaker for them on a first date. However, their male counterparts were less picky; only 57% of men asked were in agreement. conducted the survey and revealed that some people have strange ideas about the state of our teeth – with 4% of respondents admitting they assume someone is intelligent if they have straight teeth, and 12% linking good teeth with popularity.

When it comes to the celebrity smiles, The Duchess of Cambridge topped the poll with 35% of the votes and actress Julia Roberts came in second, closely followed by Jessica Alba – who, incidentally, came top of the charts for the male voters.


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