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Scarborough woman resorts to DIY dentistry after dental treatment failed



A mum from Scarborough has lost two teeth after resorting to DIY dental work, following a trip to the dentist where treatment to deal with her toothache was unsuccessful. Leanne Vickers-Dransfield, 32, ended up unconscious on her bathroom floor after she burst an abscess that was causing her agonising pain.

Leanne went to the dentist in February to have two fillings replaced but felt that the treatment had not gone perfectly and she developed pain in her jaw, as well as swelling in her face. Her dentist referred her for an x-ray and then she was given anti-inflammatories to try and ease the swelling. However, the problems continued and she was sent to A&E after being told that she may have a dental abscess. She was sent home with stronger painkillers that still did not get rid of the pain and Leanne passed out on the bathroom floor at her home after deciding to take matters into her own hands.

The young mother has since lost two teeth as a result of the ordeal and she calls it ‘unacceptable’ that so many people are suffering similar problems because of flaws in the system. A spokesperson for NHS England called the situation ‘regrettable’ and said that they would be ‘working with the services involved to determine what happened in this case.’


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