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Older people ‘have better teeth’


Older people are keeping their teeth for longer.

Improvements in oral care are leading to more older people having healthier teeth than ever before, it has been claimed.

The Auburn Reporter revealed that in times past it was unusual for people aged over 60 to have all of their own teeth, but medical advances in recent years, as well as an increase in the number of preventative treatments against gum disease, decay and other oral ailments has meant this is now not the case.

“Older teeth may need additional treatment to keep them healthy. But today, most people can keep the majority of their existing natural teeth for a lifetime,” the publication noted.

Elsewhere, the Herald Sun recently reported 22-year-old Nicky Welfare has been told he will have to have all his teeth removed due to the amount of alcohol he consumes.

The publication revealed Mr Welfare drank 24 cans of lager every day, as well two litre bottles of cider and as such, his alcoholism has cost him his teeth, as he will now need to have dentures fitted.

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