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Heart your smile says the dental community


The BDA Dental Showcase in Birmingham has launched a campaign to boost confidence amongst UK dentists. The Heart Your Smile initiative was created by several industry professionals who were concerned about the lack of confidence dentists were reportedly experiencing countrywide. Its founders are hoping to inspire dentists in their everyday practice by implementing nine core values to boost their drive and performance, labeled the ‘Nine habits of a happy dental professional.’

Managing director of the dental division of Henry Schein UK, Simon Gambold, said ‘It’s about stimulating positive conversations in the profession, about the profession.’ Showcase attendees were invited to sign the manifesto and show their support by wearing a Heart Your Smile badge. Dental professionals were also encouraged to share their stories at a film studio that was set up at the event, designed to lift other workers with interesting and entertaining tales from the world of dentistry. Marketing guru Chris Barrow said ‘Over the past few weeks we have ‘planted’ some posts on social media about what would inspire confidence in the dental profession and the answers have been very revealing.’

BDA’s Linda Stranks was hopeful that ‘A patient-facing campaign will also emerge from this which dental professionals can use to promote positive messages about overall healthcare and regular visits to the dentist.’

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