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Dyson files patent for innovative water jet toothbrush


Rumours have circulated that Dyson may be branching out from their famous vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, by venturing into the dental industry. The British company seems to be wanting a slice of the lucrative dental hygiene market by filing a patent for an innovative new toothbrush design.

The product is loosely described as a ‘smart toothbrush’ and the design suggests that dental floss could, potentially, become a thing of the past. This is due to the water jet technology, that blasts debris and food particles from in between the teeth. The patent for the toothbrush is said to include a reservoir,that can be filled up using ordinary tap water.

The new design could revolutionise the way people brush their teeth, and could challenge the big dental hygiene companies, such as, Braun and Philips.The innovative idea maypossibly rival, and even excel,existing products, such as, theSonicareAirFloss and the Genius toothbrush. Both of which were seen as revolutionary at the time of their production.Although the price of thepotential toothbrush has not yet been stated, it is expected that it will come at quite a cost, considering the price tags on other Dyson products.




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