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Dentist’s solar-powered office unveiled


A US dentist has powered his office with solar panels.

A US dentist has opened a surgery which is powered completely by solar energy, it has been revealed.

The Press Enterprise has reported Riverside dentist Michael Boyko has transformed his practice to run solely on renewable energy.

It reportedly cost him $670,000 to install the 264 photovoltaic panels needed to power the office, but he is saving in excess of $1,200 per month now that it is up and running.

He commented: “Patients are so excited that we have done this … They’re also excited that we have covered parking now.”

Elsewhere, the Manila Bulletin recently reported patients are being urged to “rest and relax” at the dentist’s office rather than to feel nervous.

The publication claimed times are changing and people now expect more out of a visit to their dentist than just the medical expertise on offer – they want to be made to feel comfortable also.

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