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Dentist questions whether an electric toothbrush is better than manual brushing


You might assume that dentists are quite prepared to follow their own advice when it comes to brushing their teeth but one dental professional from a London NHS clinic has said that you don’t necessarily need an electric toothbrush to look after your teeth properly. Consultant oral surgeon at the North-West London NHS Hospital Trust, Luke Cascarini, seems to be going against the grain when it comes to oral hygiene.

Mr Cascarini told Mailonline that many electric toothbrushes ‘lull you into a false sense of security’ as people tend to rely on the brush to do all the work rather than brushing themselves manually. He added that manual toothbrushes can be a lot better in some cases and patients will benefit from doing the job themselves instead of relying on a machine.

He added that electric toothbrushes can sometimes cause areas of the mouth to be neglected, saying ‘At least with a manual toothbrush, which I use, you can feel yourself brushing the teeth and getting into all the areas – especially where the tooth meets the gum.’ Finally he explains that brushing for two minutes with a manual brush can be as good as an electrical brush, if not better.


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