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Lumineers ‘a first step to dental veneers’


Dental veneers can help improve a person’s appearance, it has been claimed.

People who wish to improve the appearance of their teeth have been advised that having a set of dental veneers fitted could be the solution they require, but a first step could be the fitting of Lumineers.

According to US dentist Dr Sherzoy, the product can be fitted to a person’s teeth without the need drill out areas for adhesive bonding.

The drawback of the product, however, is that it is less hardwearing than traditional dental veneers and will need replacing more frequently.

Despite this, Dr Sherzoy claims Lumineers can achieve a more natural look for the patient and can be fitted in fewer sessions – often being achieved in just two sittings.

Elsewhere, WorlDental recently reported dental veneers can be made from a custom resin or from porcelain, although each has its advantages and drawbacks.

However, both enable a person to improve the appearance of their teeth and will last anywhere up to 15 years before they need replacing.

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