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Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t want a perfect smile


Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has had orthodontic treatment to give her teeth the appearance of ‘harmonious asymmetry’, it has been revealed. The 29-year-old was anxious to avoid the over-stylised look of the Hollywood smile, and went to London—based French dentist Didier Fillion, to request a more natural look.

Associate of Dr Fillion, Bernard Touati, told The Times magazine that Kate’s teeth look so good because they are not perfectly straight, which is what often makes celebrity smiles look artificial. He said that Dr Fillion had done some ‘little micro-rotations on Kate Middleton, so that it looks like a natural, healthy smile.’

Instead of just adding veneers over the top, the process involves using braces to subtly change the positioning of the teeth, or re-shaping them to make them look natural – even adding veneers with small chips in them. Dr Fillion said; ‘Teeth that look like piano keys are not good, so we try to give back some details, maybe a space we don’t close, or a shorter incisor. Tom Cruise? Too perfect for me. After my treatment, most of my patients do not need veneers.’

When questioned over his treatment of the Duchess, Dr Fillion refused to comment, saying ‘I can’t say anything. I am sorry. I can’t confirm or deny it.’ According to his colleague Dr Touati, Kate could have paid around £3,000 for the treatment.

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