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Dental veneers ‘boost a smile’s impact’


People’s smiles could be improved with dental veneers.

Individuals looking for a smile that has impact might like to invest in dental veneers, one dental professional has argued.

Dentistry IQ reported that Dr Philip Friel has said dental veneers help create an even, bright smile for patients, but they can invasive and take time to complete correctly.

However, the benefits they provide over other solutions are that they are permanent and a person simply looks after them as they would their own teeth.

In addition, dental veneers can be used to mask gaps in teeth or imperfections, he added.

Dr Friel stated: “Depending on the aesthetic requirements, the gap can be closed using shaded porcelain onlays which can be bonded to the adjacent teeth. Both of the above can take place over two visits.”

Elsewhere, Dental Plans recently reported that many children could benefit from having braces fitted and this, in turn, could help to boost their confidence as an adult.

The publication noted children should have their teeth looked at when they are relatively young in order to head-off any problems that might develop for them as they get older.

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