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Dental veneers ‘are a simple way of dramatically improving a smile’


People unhappy with their smiles could consider dental veneers.Dental veneers have been recommended to people who want to improve their misaligned, discoloured or misshapen teeth. stated that they are designed to last forever when made from porcelain and will be made to measure by healthcare professionals to ensure a great fit.

"Dental veneers are very beautiful and they can dramatically improve your smile," it added.

However, the source recommended seeking an expert in cosmetic dentistry to fit dental veneers, as they are technique-sensitive and require a good deal of skill.

In September 2010, Dr John Reitz from the Reading Eagle advised nervous people that having a chat with a dentist could help to alleviate the fears associated with getting cosmetic dentistry work such as dental veneers done.

He said all dentists are aware that patients may be feeling anxious, but by telling them so beforehand, people could benefit from help from the professional regarding how to beat it.

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