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Dentist pulls out all patients teeth without consent


A patient from Indiana has suffered dental trauma after having all of his teeth removed despite the fact he had arrived to have just three of them extracted. 21-year-old Christopher Crist, who is autistic, was sent by his mother to have the teeth extracted but came home without any left at all, when the dentist he visited went ahead and pulled each and every one, without explanation.

Christopher tearfully spoke to American news channel Fox59 and said that he is ‘going to look like a freak now’ after treatment at the Amazing Family Dental clinic. According to the patient, there was a mix up after he was given some pills to ease the dental pain coming from the decay, then the dentist removed an extra 29 teeth – the practitioner has declined to comment following the incident.

The clinics lawyer, Steve Eslinger, released a statement saying that the company had to keep patient information confidential, adding that ‘This dental office also cooperates with patients by making patients files available to the patient on patient’s request.’

Since Fox59 broke the story, other people have come forward with similar stories about treatment from the surgery; one woman said that she went to the same clinic about a single problem tooth and when she underwent treatment the dentist removed the entire bottom row. Another patient was across the hall while Crist was undergoing surgery, and commented that his mouth looked ‘like something out of a horror movie’ after all the teeth were pulled. He then went to hospital for several days afterwards, fighting infection – according to his family.

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