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‘Rest and relax’ at the dentist’s office


The dentist’s office is to become more relaxing.

Patients are being urged to “rest and relax” at the dentist’s office rather than to feel nervous, it has been claimed. relax at the dental office

The Manila Bulletin reported times are changing and people now expect more out of a visit to their dentist than just the medical expertise on offer – they want to be made to feel comfortable and relaxed and this is a change now taking place across the industry.

Overall wellbeing is therefore now the order of the day and in order to facilitate this dentist’s are providing a more welcoming environment in which to wait, which are spacious and relaxing places to visit.

Elsewhere, recently reported improvements in technology in the dentists’ office are making the prospect of sitting in the chair less daunting.

The online publication claimed technological advances have led to the use of less-invasive procedures, especially in the field of diagnostics, where digital cameras can now be used instead of X rays.

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