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Drug to reduce dental recovery time created


dental drugsNew anaesthesia reversing drug has been developed.

A new drug has been developed that can reduce by half the amount of time its takes for anaesthesia to wear off after dental treatments.

King 5 reported the drug can help patients feel normal faster and reduce some of the side effects of anaesthesia after an operation, such as grogginess and disorientation.

“It causes vasodilation, so it makes those blood vessels dilate in the area and the act of the dilation helps to reverse the affects of the anaesthetic,” commented Dr Vidya Sankar, director of the oral medicine clinic at the University of Texas Health Science Center.

She added it can help people get back to their daily lives faster.

Elsewhere, a new plasma jet drill has been created by Dr Stefan Rupf from Saarland University in Homburg that could replace the traditional dentist’s drill in as little as three years, he claimed.

Dr Rupf claimed the device would be non-invasive and practically pain-free and could therefore be a large step forward for the industry.

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