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Tooth identity chip developed


A new chip has been developed that can be implanted in teeth.

A new identity chip that can be fitted inside a tooth has been developed in the US.

Cosmetic Dentistry Guide reported Dr Kevin Brunski has developed the I-Denti-Fied chip, which can be implanted into teeth then be scanned to prove a person’s identity. tooth identity chip

The technology has been given the green light by the US Food and Drug Administration, with possible applications including identifying lost or abducted children, as well as enabling medical professionals to access an individual’s medical records more easily.

Elsewhere, ABC News recently reported Professor Saso Ivanovski at Brisbane’s Griffith University has developed a new treatment that could help restore lost tissue for sufferers of gum disease.

Harvested cells from ligaments around the teeth of sufferers is being used to regenerate lost tissue, as at present one in ten sufferers of periodontal disease end up losing teeth and this treatment could be one way of addressing this statistic.

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