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I’m A Celebrity contestant gets offers for new dental implants


Liverpudlian joker Crissy Rock caused a stir in the jungle when she had her dentures flown in by helicopter, noting that she ‘had a chopper for her choppers’. Now that she’s out of the jungle, the 53-year-old is itching to finish the cosmetic dental treatment that saw her spending thousands of pounds over the past few months, and the offers have been flooding in.

Speaking to Inside magazine, Crissy revealed she had been receiving correspondence from some of the country’s top dentists – including the one that gave Simon Cowell his pearly whites. ‘I’m definitely going to get them down,’ She said, adding that she had already handed over £12,500 to have her bottom jaw fitted with dental implants, and saying that she was definitely going to have the procedure repeated on her top jaw.

Despite her recent health problems, the scouse comedienne hasn’t lost her sense of humour, even joking that she was ‘going to look like Hannibal Lector!’ following her extensive pre-op treatment, which may include a bone graft to rebuild her jaw. Crissy admitted that it wasn’t going to be a quick process, saying ‘It’s going to be a big job though, because when I had the first lot done, they warned me they’d have to take bone from my hip and do a graft.’ It’s often the case with missing teeth that the jaw starts to deteriorate and isn’t always thick enough to house the implants on its own.

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