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Dental implants ‘will last’


Dental implants last for a long time and patients should not be worried about their hardiness, it has been claimed.

A recent study has shown that in 98 per cent of cases, dental implants will last longer then five years for patients.

Nobel Biocare revealed its results after completing a five-year follow-up study on patients who had full-arch restorations utilising these cosmetic dentistry devices.

It showed that in the vast majority of cases, few problems were had with dental implants and that the devices helped maintain bone structure in the jaw and supported surrounding teeth in the process.

Furthermore, the company claimed that the study has helped prove it uses “very demanding study protocols and is very transparent in its reporting of bone remodelling.”

Elsewhere, New York periodontist Dr Hiroshi Kimura recently said the use of dental implants could be the perfect solution for someone who has lost a tooth.

He noted the devices can offer a permanent solution to tooth loss and the prosthetic that is attached can be treated and maintained just as a person would one of their own teeth.

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