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Dental implants ‘a straightforward procedure’


Patients could benefit from dental implants.

Vail Dental Health has claimed that dental implants are gaining popularity for those looking to replace missing teeth.

The process of installing a dental implant is fairly straightforward, the company stated, with a dental professional first choosing a specific site and then checking to ensure there is sufficient bone strength and depth, Vail Daily reported.

“Once a site is ready for a dental implant, the procedure is performed in a manner that is as non-invasive as possible. This means that post-operative issues are minimal,” the company stated.

Following the placement, many patients are able to go back to work the same day, although there will always be a healing period before the final cap is placed and the implant can be shaped and made aesthetically suitable.

Elsewhere, the Coventry Telegraph recently reported that dental implant specialist Dr Sven Erik Steinborn is to take up residence at the Augusta Dental Centre alongside Harley Street cosmetic dentist Roy Dixon.

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