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Dental implant success ‘not improved with antibiotics’


dental implant successAntibiotics do not improve dental implant success rates.

A study by Basque Research has revealed the use of antibiotics after dental implant surgery does little to improve success rates.

It showed survival rates for dental implants stand at 99.2 per cent on average and although antibiotics can stop infection, in many cases this has little effect on the longevity of the dental treatment.

A clinical trial of 105 patients who had the procedure carried out showed there was little difference between groups who were given antibiotics and those offered a placebo.

The report concluded: “No statistically significant differences were found between the two groups in the number of post-operative infections, in infection free time, side effects [or] number of failures.”

Elsewhere, WorlDental recently reported fixing broken teeth has become increasingly straightforward for dental professionals in recent years with a number of options now available.

In many cases the tooth can be repaired, but if it is too badly damaged then the dentist can carry out an extraction and replace the missing tooth with a dental implant or a bridge.

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