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World’s first 100% ultrasound toothbrush launched


Some ultrasound technology has been added to the design of electric toothbrushes in the past but now a 100% ultrasound product is about to be released; the toothbrush doesn’t even need to move to clean the teeth effectively. The new Emmi-dent brush costs £79.95; it gives off a staggering 86 million sound waves per minute and can clean the teeth without rotating or vibrating at all. The waves emitted cause millions of tiny air bubbles to form; these bubbles get between the teeth and kill bacteria by bursting to dislodge tartar and food particles. The ultrasound technology also gets rid of bacteria on the brush head so the bristles are cleaner than regular brushes – both electronic and manual.

Special toothpaste is needed to get the best results from the brush and the manufacturers have added a slight vibration to the handle so that users know when it is switched on. The brush head needs to be held over the surface of each tooth for between five seconds and fifteen seconds, which should be enough to get rid of any bacteria and food debris.

Although initial tests have proved successful, the British Dental Association admitted that further studies need to be carried out to determine how effective the brush really is. Professor Damien Walmsley was keen to make sure that consumers don’t neglect dental hygiene on the basis of new technology, he said ‘The most important factor in maintaining good oral hygiene still remains regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste and avoiding excessive consumption of sweet or acidic food and drink.’

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