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TV presenter Holly Willoughby has plenty to smile about right now.


When the 31-year-old appeared on television in a toothpaste commercial some viewers questioned that her dazzling smile really was all white, but now advertising watchdogs have declared that Holly is, in fact, whiter than white.

Any suggestions of TV trickery have been totally repudiated by the Advertising Standards Association, who, after examining the raw film footage provided by Oral-B, ruled that the television images in the advertisement for the maker’s 3D White Brilliance toothpaste were genuine.

The investigation into the advertisement came after some viewers said that Holly’s teeth were so white that the image must have been digitally enhanced, while others suggested that her teeth were so clean and bright that she must also have undergone professional whitening as well as simply using the toothpaste.

Holly, the beautiful co-host of ITV’s This Morning programme, responded by issuing a statement confirming that she had used the advertised product over a two-week period prior to filming and she had then noticed that her teeth were visibly whiter than before that time.

She also said that the commercial truly and accurately represented her opinion and experience of using the toothpaste in question.

The advert for Oral-B 3D toothpaste, manufactured by Procter and Gamble, featured a man and a woman sitting on a bus with a voice-over that said: “When you smile, the world smiles back. Introducing Oral B 3D White Brilliance toothpaste.”

The ad then backed up the claims with an appearance by Holly, revealing her own perfect white teeth, who declared: “You see! No one can resist the perfect white smile. That’s why Oral-B 3D White is always part of my beauty regime.’

In its report, the ASA said while there had been some changes to the original footage, the outcome did not misleadingly exaggerate the effect of using Oral-B 3D.

It went on:: “We examined both the graded and un-graded versions of the ad and noted the overall appearance of Ms Willoughby’s teeth in the ad had not been significantly modified. Because Ms Willoughby had used the advertised product for a two-week period prior to filming the ad and noticed visibly whiter teeth, her teeth had not been whitened prior to filming the ad and her teeth had not been significantly modified during post production, we considered the ad did not exaggerate the efficacy of the advertised product.”

You could say that, as far as Holly was concerned, it was smiles better!

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