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A third of Americans don’t floss their teeth


A dentist might advise you to floss your teeth at least one a day to remove plaque and bacteria but a new study has revealed that people in America don’t take their dental health very seriously and a large number are neglecting this part of their oral hygiene routine.The research shows that around a third of Americans don’t floss their teeth and gums at all.

9000 people were questioned as part of a study carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and 32.4% admitted that they did not floss at all, with only a third saying they flossed daily. Just over 37% said that they flossed occasionally but nowhere near daily.
Data spanning from 2009 to 2012 examined the dental habits of Americans over the age of thirty and leader researcher Dr Duong Nguyen believes the results reflect a lack of education regarding flossing. He said that people ‘don’t know enough’ about flossing and how it can keep your teeth and gums healthy.
He added that health practices needed to be improved so that people understand the benefits of flossing as well as how it can prevent dental problems developing in the future.
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