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Bupa survey suggests that one in three Britons brush without toothpaste


According to new research by Bupa, a third of the general public in the UK do not use toothpaste when brushing their teeth. Further numbers revealed that nine percent of people admitted they share a toothbrush with a family member or partner.

Although the study showed that dental hygiene in the UK leaves a lot to be desired, most of the people asked admitted that they would change their teeth if they could, with over a third of respondents saying that their smile would be the first thing they would alter about their appearance, given the chance. A further 63 per cent said that they wished their teeth were whiter and cleaner.

Steve Preddy, Dental Clinical Director of Bupa Dental Services said that it was ‘vital’ that people undertake regular brushing in order to maintain a good dental condition, for a healthy lifestyle. He added ‘worryingly, our research highlights how many people are ignoring the art of brushing their teeth properly.’

Mr Preddy added ‘Modern, state-of-the-art electronic toothbrushes and interdental tools provide a wealth of different ways to clean. So there should be no excuse for not brushing for two minutes twice every day, and in conjunction with seeing a dentist regularly, we encourage people not to neglect their teeth and gums.’

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