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Teen spends £20,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like Beckham


Nottingham’s Jack Johnson has spent a whopping twenty thousand pounds on cosmetic surgery, in an attempt to look more like David Beckham. Jack appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ to discuss the procedures he has had and his motivations for wanting the surgery. In his pursuit to look like his idol, Jack has had a number of cosmetic enhancements. These include, veneers for his teeth, fillers in his lips to plump out his pout, cheek fillers, an eye brow lift and Botox in his forehead. When asked why he wanted to look like Beckham, the teen replied, “I love his lifestyle, I love the way he looks. If I look like him I feel much better about myself inside.”

Viewers of the ITV show were decidedly unimpressed by the teens efforts, and a social media slating ensued. One person wrote, “Nobody has told this youth the truth. He needs a huge dose of reality. Quick. #thismorning.” Another viewer also commented that they could not watch the interview as it was too cringe worthy. Despite this, however, it seems that the issue that has caused the most uproar is that the teen is currently unemployed, with speculation growing that he used benefit money for the supposed transformation.

It was clear from the interview that Jack had pursued this surgery in an attempt to mask his insecurities, with some viewers crying out to the show to help him become truly happy on the inside, as well as with his physical appearance.




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