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Teen has jaw rebuilt from his own leg bone


Sixteen-year-old, Adam McCalmont, has undergone a nineteen-hour reconstructive surgery after discovering that the ache in his jaw was in fact Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. A tumour had developed on the side of his face that grew to around the size of an orange.

The surgery was so risky that his family were told there was a significant chance Adam could be left paralysed, or worse, that he might not even survive it. In order to give Adam the best chance of a positive outcome, the tumour was subjected to two intensive rounds of chemotherapy until it had shrunk enough to avoid his major artery in surgery. The operation consisted of removing half the boy’s jaw along with glands, and then transplanting bone and arteries from his leg into his face.

Following the surgery complications meant that he now has a large hole behind his ear due to infection, which is being closely monitored. Despite this Adam is currently recovering well, and is being fed a liquid diet to build his strength. Adam’s family are optimistic about the success of the surgery and are keen to raise awareness of the disease on behalf of the Boom Foundation.



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