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Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott get cosmetic surgery together


Love Island couple, Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott, met and fell in love on the ITV 2 show, and have been inseparable ever since. The pair were firm favourites in the show and viewers have been intrigued to see how their romance has developed since they featured on series. Life after the show has seen them making public appearances together, and the couple have even launched and promoted their own YouTube channel.

The relationship has now elevated to new heights, with the couple going to get Botox and dermal fillers together. Scott took to Instagram with snaps of him visiting Mac Aesthetics, to receive Botox injections in his arm pits, to curtail his excessive sweating. The Love Island star was jubilant that his perspiration would be under control and commented “Lads you may laugh but if you wanna wear a naughty baby blue shirt or a spicy pink number on a night out without looking like you’ve had shaggy wet dog in a head lock then give them a shout.”

Merely hours before Scott’s post, Kady was snapped and uploaded on Instagram by Mac Aesthetics, getting dermal fillers in her lips to enhance her pout. The company captioned the post, “Love islands@kadymcdermott looking [hot] with her Mac Aesthetics POUT.




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