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Professional whitening more effective than DIY kits



An increased demand for whiter teeth has seen people trying many different methods to achieve the perfect smile. Shop shelves are awash with bleaching kits, whitening strips, toothpastes, and LED light kits, all promising to give you brilliantly white teeth. However, having your teeth whitened professionally, by your dentist or other qualified practitioners, is still by far the best way of achieving favourable results.

The American Dental Association (ADA) have recently released statistics that show a rapid rise in teeth whitening over the past ten years, with it now being the most requested dental procedure bar none. The ADAalso say that people using do it yourself kits could be putting themselves at risk of issues such as hypersensitivity, gum irritation, uneven whitening,enamel damage or worse.

Home whitening kits can often contain chemicals and other ingredients that are extremely harmful to teeth, with some people having severe reactions to the products. It is also said that some shop bought kits contain abrasive ingredients that are intended to erase surface stains, but instead can result in a weakened tooth surface. As professional whitening is administered by trained dental staff, not only is it more effective, it is also markedly safer.




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