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Pete Wicks’ teeth whitening endorsement angers fans


The Only Way Is Essex star, Pete Wicks, has upset his fans yet again this week, as a tirade of angry and dismayed comments were posted on his Instagram account, following a photo of him promoting teeth whitening strips.

Ordinarily this would not be seen as a big deal, just another celebrity endorsing a product, right? However, the twist in this tale lies in the fact that Pete has previously spoken on the popular reality show about his new veneers. Some may say that the frustrated comments were deserved, as fans felt conned by the advertisement and that the celebrity was only thinking about the monetary gain, rather than giving them genuine recommendations. One fan’s comment on the Instagram post read, “Crowns and veneers don’t whiten. But you knew that.” Another was quick to highlight his deception, “So right there’s even been an episode of TOWIE talking about his veneers!!!”

And this is not the first time that the star has upset his fans. A previous Instagram backlash ensued when he was outed for messaging other women, just a few weeks ago, while in a relationship with fellow T.O.W.I.E regular Megan McKenna. It seems that Pete has some making up to do, not only his fans, but in his personal life too.



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