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Olympic gold medal winning couple elated with Invisalign results


Gold medal winning couple, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott, underwent Invisalign treatment on the run up to the Rio Olympic games. The couple were eager to fix their crooked smiles ahead of the games to ensure that if they won medals their smiles would be perfect.

The couple’s foreboding paid off with Jason winning 3 gold medals to add to his collection, equalling Sir Chris Hoy’s record of 6. Laura also performed well, winning 2 gold medals to add to her previous tally, propelling her to the status of most decorated British female athlete of all time.

The couple’s decision to invest in Invisalign treatment stemmed from the London 2012 Olympic Games. The pair were pictured biting their medals which highlighted their crooked smiles. It was then that they decided to make the improvements. Laura was quoted as saying, “I had Invisalign treatment because I am in the public eye and wanted to be able to smile with more confidence.” Jason went on to say, “In pictures taken over the last eight years I had become very aware that my teeth were getting worse and I want to be able to smile on the podium at the Olympics.”

Due to the nature of the Invisalign procedure the clear braces allowed the athletes to train and compete unhindered and had the added aesthetical bonus of being virtually unnoticeable to anyone.

The Invisalign treatment has really boosted the couple’s confidence and the pair have been seen smiling broadly in many of their Rio Olympic photographs. The pair were treated by a Manchester orthodontist, Dr Bilal Bhatti, at his dental practice located near to the velodrome where they train. The couple are due to show off their perfect smiles again soon at their upcoming wedding ceremony.





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