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Nicole Scherzinger shows off seemingly fuller lips



Speculation has grown as to whether the X Factor judge and former Pussy Cat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, has undergone lip filler treatment. Her latest dramatic Instagram selfie showed her pouting her very full lips, in a close up shot. Fans became suspicious after her lips looked sizably bigger than in previous posts.

Nicole took to Instagram whilst in London to celebrate the sun shining in the winter months, however fans were more interested in her growing pout. There was no question in fans’ minds that the star looked great, however they were divided in opinion as to whether they approved of her possible lip fillers. One fan wrote, “Why? You’re a stunning woman, Stop with the lips already… It cheapens your natural beauty,” yet another felt that her lips looked ‘beautiful.’

Nicole has been asked in the past if she has ever had fillers, Botox, or plastic surgery, to which she answered no. Nicole attributed her great complexion to a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of water, however it is likely that this new selfie will raise more questions that she’ll undoubtedly be asked to answer. Her fans will be interested to hear whether she denies the rumours, given that her lips seem obviously bigger than before.




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