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Danniella Westbrook reveals she left the house to get teeth fixed


EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook has revealed that she actually left the Celebrity Big Brother house during her time on the show, in order to get her teeth fixed. Although contestants are supposed to remain in the house day and night, the actress decided she needed to visit the dentist as she was worried that her teeth might fall out on live television.

TV bosses allowed the 42-year-old to slip out of the house unnoticed by viewers in order to get her veneers and denture repaired after she became worried that she might have an infection. The TV actress was explaining why she got so upset about housemate Jeremy McConnell putting a dirty trainer underneath her pillow, when she mentioned that she was concerned about an infection developing right after she had her veneers fitted. She added that viewers did not get to see that and it may have caused her to come across badly.

Danniella had to get a denture fitted as well, to replace her back teeth after they were damaged in a car accident. She admitted that she ‘had sleepless nights’ crying over the condition of her teeth. She even appeared on an episode of Channel 5’s Botched Up Bodies, talking about her dental treatments and painful implant surgery.


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