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College student creates his own aligners


DIY dentistry might sound like a terrible idea, particularly in the case of orthodontic treatment, but one American college student has gone to great lengths to treat his misalignments without going to a dentist and spending a lot of money. Amos Dudley, of New Jersey, figured out a way to make his own clear braces using a 3D printer and a mould of his own teeth.

Amos, 24, spent a lot of time researching the process and even purchased professional-grade non-toxic plastic online to make the aligners with. He then made a mould of his teeth and used the facilities at his college, The New Jersey Institute of Technology, to create a set of twelve clear aligners to gradually shift his teeth over sixteen weeks.

The clever student is now on the last aligner and is so far very pleased with the results, as he updates his blog regularly with his progress. Amos had previously had braces in his youth but, like many young adults, did not bother to wear his retainer and found that his teeth became misaligned again as he got older, which led to him devising a way to make his own braces rather than seeking help from an orthodontist. He has no plans to go into orthodontics, but Amos is happy that he can feel confident in his smile again, saying ‘that’s what’s most important.’


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